Australian Meat Injector Kit

Australian Meat Injector Kit

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The Australian Meat Injector Kit is an ideal addition to any hunters kitchen. Unique to this kit is the custom made fine injecting needle especially suited to Venison. The kit enables easy injection of brines, curing agents, and moistening ingredients before and whilst cooking or barbecuing all varieties of meat.

Boost the flavours of any meat or roast whilst keeping the meat succulent and moist throughout the cooking process.

The Kit Includes:

• Stainless Steel adjustable injector gun with clear housing and volume measurement markings featuring 5 trigger dosage adjustment settings.

• 6" thin 14 gauge needle with 12 small holes near the tip perfect for tight grained meats such as Venison and Kangaroo

• 6" standard fat needle with 12 large holes for bulk injecting into large cuts of meat

• 3" short 13 gauge needle with 2 small holes perfect for chicken or small cuts

• Cleaning Brushes and storage case