Beyond The Divide Series 5 DVD

Beyond The Divide Series 5 DVD

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Beyond The Divide is Australia’s first ever hunting television series, produced and presented by Rob Fickling, the creator and director of Australian hunting gear brand Moroka.30.

Experience the action and adventure as Rob joins with his friends and other keen Australian hunters to take on hunts across two continents.

Some of the highlights include a remote backcountry Horse-trek into Northern British Columbia Canada; an action packed trip to Australia's Northern Territory in the pursuit of Wild Boar, Scrub Bull and Buffalo and loads of hunting action from Rob's stomping ground in Victoria, Australia chasing the elusive Hog and Sambar Deer.

Beyond The Divide features the true adventure behind the hunt, the wild places it takes us and the respect that dedicated hunters have for their quarry.

All hunts are genuine free range, fair chase with no fences.

• 2 DVD SET with 5 Hours of non-stop hunting action!

Ep1. SA Reds in the Roar

Ep2. NT Aporkalypse

Ep3. VIC Hog Deer

Ep4. VIC Hog Deer Pt2

Ep5. NT Big Game

Ep6. NT Big Game Pt2

Ep7. VIC Sambar Hunting with Hounds

Ep8. VIC Sambar Hunting with Hounds Pt2

Ep9. BC Backcountry Moose

Ep10. BC Backcountry Moose Pt2