Easton Bow Slicker Bow Sling + Bohning Wind Check

Easton Bow Slicker Bow Sling + Bohning Wind Check

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This value packed bundle includes the Easton Bow Slicker Compound Bow Sling and a bottle of Bohning Wind Check. Great accessories that every Archer and BowHunter can put to good use.

Easton Bow Slicker Bow Sling:

The Easton Bow Slicker Bow Sling is a quick and quiet ultralight bow sling that provides a safer way to carry your bow.   With a patented limb-loop design, weight is distributed around the perimeter of the bow, keeping friction away from the cables and strings. Includes an integrated string guard to prevent abrasion of the bow strings and cables from backpacks and other items while in use. The Bow Slicker TM fits all parallel limb compound bows from 24”-36” axle-to-axle.

• Patented limb loop design for easy installation

• Padded neoprene cam pocket protection

• Quiet fleece string cover for string and cable protection

• Easy-to-adjust woven shoulder carry strap

Please note - Bow and Arrows pictured are to demonstrate the Bow Sling function and are not included with this item.

Bohning Wind Check:

Effective Hunting requires keeping check on wind direction and air currents to ensure your scent is not carried ahead of you, alerting game to your presence. Always keep check of wind direction with Bohning Wind Check.

Small lightweight squeeze bottle with fold-up spout. Easy one handed operation, simply squeeze to release a plume of micro fine scent free powder that will detect and indicate even the slightest of breeze.


• Extremely fine, odorless & environmentally safe
• Detects the slightest air thermals
• Flip-top bottle for easy one-hand use


Ideal for all styles and methods of hunting.