Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent

Sawyer Premium Insect Repellent

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Unlike most typical Insect Repellent treatments currently available that are applied directly to your skin, Sawyers Premium Insect Repellent is designed for application directly to clothing, gear and tents.

It actively repels and kills on contact Ticks, Chiggers, Mites and Mosquitoes. The treatment is completely odourless, safe to use and will not stain or damage fabrics. The treatment is simply sprayed directly onto your hunting clothes, headwear, gear or tent...and will actively repel for up to 40 days before re-application is required.

The treatment remains effective for up to 6 washes before re-application is required.

Tried, tested and proven, this product performs exactly as described.

- Spray Pack 739ml

- Will treat up to 4 outfits (Shirt, Pants and Socks)

- Repels for up to 40 days or 6 wash cycles (whichever comes first) before re-application is required

- Actively repels and will kill on contact Ticks, Mites, Chiggers and Mosquitoes

- Spray Pack Bottle 739ml