Lumenok X Nock - Orange 3PK

Lumenok X Nock - Orange 3PK

  • Model: LX3
  • Manufactured by: Lumenok
Price :

Lumenok changes the game when it comes to shot confirmation under any lighting conditions, and also makes the task of locating your arrow a lot easier in the scrub.

Simple to install, the LED is activated the moment you release your shot and will remain lit for up to 40 hours. Deactivating the light upon retrieving your arrow is quick and easy, and you are ready to go again.

Batteries within the Lumenoks are replaceable and available for purchase separately.

Lumenock X fits the following shafts:

EASTON - AXIS, 5mm FMJ, FMJ Dangerous Game


GOLD TIP - Kinetic Hunter, Kinetic Pro, Kinetic XT