GDR Camo  now offers the Australian hunter and in particular the Sambar hunter concealment like never before. GDR Gully is a high definition, photo realistic pattern specifically designed for the Sambar home range that encompasses the forested gullies and mountains of the South Eastern Great Divide.

The light background and open breakup combines with HD digital recreations of the our main Eucalypt species, with an emphasis on understory vegetation of Dogwood, Coprosma, Tea Tree, Lomandra, Bracken and grasses. GDR Gully’s uniquely Australian features also make it a highly suitable camouflage for a wide range of forest types throughout New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania.








GDR Bushfire Blaze with its blaze orange background and more slightly open breakup offers the hunter a high visibility option while maintaining maximum camouflage with the same foreground of full colour forest species as GDR Gully.


The Moroka.30 range of Australian made Vapourtech apparel is also available in our revolutionary new half blaze that features the upper chest and arms in Bushfire Blaze and the lower garment in Gully Camo. This combination pattern bridges the gap between the dilemma often faced by Australian hunters that want increased visibility to other hunters but still feel the need to be discrete and blend in.