JetBoil ZIP + Fire Steel + JetPower Gas Bundle

JetBoil ZIP + Fire Steel + JetPower Gas Bundle

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JetBoil ZIP Camp Stove including Swedish Fire Steel Flint and JetPower Gas 100g.

JetBoil ZIP is a robust self-contained portable cooking system. Featuring JetBoil's proprietary FluxRing® design, cooking is both fast and efficient.

Weighing only 345g, the ZIP is the perfect addition to any pack hunters kit, providing hot food and drinks quickly when you need them most.

Features & Specifications:

- 0.8 litre cooking cup with insulating cozy

- Adjustable Burner

- Match Ignition

- Drink-through lid with pour spout and strainer

- Capacity to store a 100g JetPower fuel can

- Bottom cover doubles as a measuring cup and bowl

- Compatible with all JetBoil accessories

- Pot Support and JetPower fuel sold seperately