Lightweight Cook Set Package

Lightweight Cook Set Package

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Ultra Lightweight, Highly Versatile, Compact & Durable!

This package includes everything you need for cooking and boiling water in the field, and the package conveniently stows with all accessories self contained within the Cooking Pot for easy storage in your pack.

The Cook Set includes the following items:

• SOTO OD-1RX Windmaster Stove (premium engineered, windproof, micro regulator, piezo ignition)

• Jetboil Jetpower Gas 100g (effective at high altitude and cold environments)

• Jetboil Gas Canister Stabilizer

• SeaToSummit X-Pot Kettle (1.3 Lt capacity)

• SeaToSummit X-Seal & Go Medium Cup

This system offers more versatility than most self contained units currently available, and weighs significantly less at only 600g for the entire package!