Pizzari Home Tanning Kit - 55Ltr

Pizzari Home Tanning Kit - 55Ltr

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This Kit contains all the required ingredients to successfully treat and tan skins and capes from harvested Game Animals in the comfort of your own home.

The Kit includes Tanning Agent, Taning Lube, Tan A & B Chemicals and comprehensive and easy to follow instructions for preparing and tanning your hard earned Capes and Hides.

In addition to this Kit, you will also require suitably sized containers to accomodate the tanning solution and hide to be treated, as well as 2.7kgs of fine salt.

The 55Ltr Kit provides enough solution to tan 1 large sized Deer Skin such as Sambar or Red, or 2 to 4 smaller skins such as Goats, Hog or Fallow Deer.

Total Working Volume 55 Litres

Kit Includes:

•Tanning Agent

•Tanning Lube

•TAN A Chemical

•TAN B Chemical


Be sure to read instructions thoroughly and take appropriate caution when storing and handling this product.

55 Ltr Kit is suitable for 1 Large Deer Skin such as Sambar or Red Deer.