Moroka 30

At the heart of every Vapourtech™ high performance garment is permanent breathability and moisture control. This function is achieved via a unique technical process that applies synthetic breathable polymers at the initial yarn weaving stage which permanently bonds them to the fibre. Unlike cheap imitations, this treatment is permanent, will not wash out and will perform for the life of the garment.

How does all this benefit the Hunter? Picture a typical first light stalk with a freezing cold start, progressively warming as the Sun rises above the hills. As you begin to punch up steep gullies your core temperature quickly begins to rise, sweat begins to form as your body attempts to cool itself. You make good elevation and decide to pull up for a bit where the air is cooler and take a break.

Unlike cotton, straight polyester & cheaper imitation polyester based apparel that retains moisture and takes hours to dry offering next to no insulation, you sit on the tops dry and comfortable as your body regulates temperature, thanks to the permanent moisture wicking and breathability offered by the Vapourtech™ apparel range.

The versatility of the Vapourtech™ range will have you hunting in comfort anywhere from the Alpine High Country of Victoria to the flood plains of Arnhem land.
  • Vapourtech™ MICRO available in long and short sleeve styles is designed to keep the heat at bay, even in the warmest climates of far north Queensland.
  • Vapourtech™ THERMAL is designed as a year round base layer in cool to temperate climates, available in a long sleeve Zip Neck Shirt, full length Leggings and form fitting Beanies.
  • Vapourtech™ FLEECE is designed as an outer layer for cool climates and provides cosy warmth throughout the Winter months. Available in a long sleeve Zip Neck Hoodie.
Moroka 30