Vapourtech Micro T-shirt

Vapourtech Micro T-shirt

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High Performance Warm Weather Hunting Apparel
Moroka.30 is proud to introduce a world first in the hunting industry utilising advanced technology that has given the edge to elite athletes and sports men and women around the world.
The Vapourtech Micro range of warm weather hunting apparel is the coolest hunting apparel available on the market, specifically designed for Australian conditions and Australian made. Manufactured from extreme performance micro polyester with Intera's permanent moisture wicking technology, the garments are designed to be worn as a single outer layer for active hunters in mild, warm and hot conditions. Intera's fabric technology delivers permanent moisture wicking performance that won't wash out, and delivers incredible results that far exceed Coolmax and Cooldry. Click on the link below to see the specifications.
Vapourtech garments are extremely lightweight, strong and breathable,offer full sun protection and feel as comfortable as silk. The benefits of Intera's technology means hunters stay cool as body moisture is rapidly wicked away and dried through the fabric in record time. Unlike mesh fabrics that rely on a breeze to cut across the body, Vapourtech keeps you cool in all situations whether active or stationary and you won't chill down due to sweat build up when you stop moving. Working in similar fashion to an air conditioner, Vapourtech fabric draws moisture away from the body, accelerates evaporation creating heat exchange and cooling the hunter.
Whether you find yourself hunting the Top End, Northern Queensland or the Eastern States through Spring Summer and Autumn, on a tough walk in for a backpack hunt, or on a mild winters day, Vapourtech Micro is the hunting garment you have been waiting for.
  • Crew neck
  • Generous style and cut for performance & comfort
  • Only available in GDR Alpine



All Vapourtech garments are styled with generous tail and sleeve length, so the most important factor in choosing your correct size is the chest measurement, follow these steps to correctly choose your size.
Step 1) With a flexible tape measure, measure the circumference of the chest at the broadest point underneath the arms against the skin, or over thin clothing. Apply gentle, firm pressure to obtain your measurement -do not overtighten.
Step 2) After obtaining your measurement, match the size bracket to obtain a comfortable base layer fit.







Chest measurement-cm
N/A 90-100cm 100-110cm 110-120cm N/A

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