SAKO AMMUNITION • Available in-store only upon presentation of valid license


We stock in store a comprehensive range of premium Sako ammunition catering to all popular medium to large game calibres.  We also cater to special orders, so if there is a particular cartridge you require we can typically have it available within 48 hours pending distributor availability, just CONTACT US to discuss your requirements.











Gamehead Pro with Sierra’s GameChanger bullet with rapid expansion is designed for medium size game. The polymer tip and the aerodynamic design aim for high ballistic coefficient and rapid expansion. Because of the optimized jacket thickness, the bullet’s expansion is excellent also at extended distances. Precisely engineered to withstand high muzzle velocity. Gamehead Pro has one of the best ballistic coefficient on the market.

Available in 30-06 / 165gr & .308 / 165gr











The Sako Powerhead (Barnes TSX®) is an expanding hunting bullet with an extremely high weight retention and excellent penetration. Thanks to its traditional all-copper composition, it maintains a weight retention of more than 99% upon impact leaving virtually no residues in the meat. Powerhead I is the perfect lead-free choice for short distance big game hunting.

Available in .270 / 130gr

The Sako Powerhead II (Barnes Tipped TSX®) has a polymer tip and a re-engineered nose cavity to provide an even faster expansion when compared to the original Powerhead (TSX®). The polymer tip initiates rapid expansion and improves ballistics at longer distances making it a versatile bullet at different ranges.

Available in .300 WinMag / 180gr, 30-06 / 180gr, 7mm RemMag / 150gr











Heavy, jacketed bonded core, soft point for larger calibers. Specially designed bullet form and construction prevents core separation and allows controlled mushrooming for excellent stopping power. The bullet is very effective for big game hunting at short distances.

• Available in .338 WinMag / 250gr, 9.3x62 / 286gr










Heavy jacketed, strong and non-fragmenting, ensuring controlled expansion. Bonded core construction produces high weight retention, producing good penetration. Boat-tailed for high-ballistic efficiency means flatter trajectory. First developed and tested in Sako ballistic laboratories, followed by actual extensive big game hunting tests. This bullet is designed for big game hunting at short to medium distances. 

• Available in .300 WinMag / 180gr, .300 WSM / 180gr, 30-06 / 180gr

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