Hunting Gear
The Moroka.30 Difference

Moroka.30 is proudly Australia’s first hunting brand, pioneering the concept of lightweight

hunting gear

in this country well over a decade ago.

No one puts more into Australian hunting than Moroka.30, forging a commitment to Australia that uniquely sets it apart from all other brands.

We offer Australian made wherever possible and complete design, development, and sampling in our Melbourne office. We are proud financial partners with SORD Australia, owning our own highly specialised offshore manufacturing facility producing to Australian standards, and accredited with ISO 9001.

Our catalogue of unique products is born from our experience in the bush and a passion for new and innovative ideas. We lead the industry with Australian owned in every way possible through our suppliers, raw materials & manufacturing and are proudly “China free”.

That’s the Moroka.30 difference.

Production of custom backpack
components in Melbounre

Australias finest Hunting Store

Well, that’s what they say on google where we are rated 5 stars, but if you haven’t
been in yet, come and visit us at Mortoka.30 HQ and then you can decide for yourself!

Our beautifully fitted out store features the world’s best brands and a range of bespoke
hunting gear you won’t find anywhere else in the country.  Best of all you’ll be served
by our experienced staff, that don’t just sell Moroka.30 gear we design it ourselves
so when it comes to questions, we’ve got all the answers.

And you deserve the best right? Right.

Hunt to live live to learn

Thirst for knowledge? Grab a drink and quench that thirst while you checkout our resource centre for tips, techniques, gear reviews, videos, podcasts, recipes, hunting stories and more

Is Our story Your story

What was it that brought you here? Aside from our premium range of products, was it a passion for the bush, a desire for wild places, the rewards of a sustainable harvest? If so, then this is exactly what drives us so we sure have a lot in common. You can rest assured you’re in the right hands.

To learn more about our manufacturing and what we do not just in the product space, but also in media, hunter education and political advocacy, have a read about out story. It’s a journey from humble beginnings thats uniquely ours, and uniquely Australian.

The Moroka.30 Story