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Moroka.30 is proud to introduce a world first in innovation and design with the 2022 release of the ultra light Custom Stalker.

The Custom Stalker is the worlds first, fully custom formable external frame backpack, manufactured from premium quality Australian made machined aluminium, Carbon fibre and polypropylene.

This breakthrough in backpack design provides unmatched ergonomic comfort and anatomical accuracy as the machine fluted aluminium stays can be formed to the exact shape of the user, with the carbon fibre shoulder plate providing unmatched strength, flexibilty and controlled torsion.

The Custom stalker features custom moulded and anatomically correct polyurethane foam inserts to the waistbelt and lumbar pad, which provides anmatched comfort, flexibilty and controlled dispersion of weight to the hips and lumbar spine. Another unuique feature of the custom foam inserts is that they are constructed using a 2 part "skinning" foam which makes them impervious to moisture, water and sweat.

Breathability to the user is another key feature with the Custom Stalker boasting the lowest surface area contact of any pack on the market, thanks to its streamline waistbelt, lumbar and harness design that is constructed of a unique 3D mesh providing superior air flow and minimal surface area contact.  

The Custom stalker also offers another world first with 3 dimensional adjustment in the harness, allowing for height of the user PLUS shoulder angle PLUS shoulder width.

Brand Moroka.30
Shipping Weight 2.4000kg
Shipping Width 0.350m
Shipping Height 0.170m
Shipping Length 0.780m
Shipping Cubic 0.046410000m3

Custom Stalker external frame

4 May 2022
I purchased this pack just before release so I wasn’t able to look up peoples reviews before buying it like I normally do. I was not disappointed. Hopefully this is the review people who are 50/50 will want. I purchased the full kit with both the 35L and 70L bags and have already put the 35L through it’s paces packing out a full size hind. I carried out a back leg, front leg, back straps and eye fillets in one run and it handled it easily, with all the weight distributed though the hips, so I wasn’t feeling it through the shoulders at all. I was interested to see how the frame above the shoulders would go getting snagged on overhanging branches but it hasn’t crossed my mind out in the bush because it hasn’t happened at all. I'm yet to use the quick release gun sling as “purposed” on a moving deer that came out of nowhere, but just moving around the bush the way it sits stowed, the rifle feels like it’s not even there weight wise, as nothing is on your neck or shoulder, all the weight distributes through the pack. Picking up the bag on its own it felt about the same weight as my previous pack, but the design once on and fitted properly honestly makes it feel like your hunting in a super light weight bag. Seriously impressed. Great work Rob and Daz

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