General Warranty

General Warranty Procedures:

All products are covered by manufacturers warranty, however Moroka.30 realises the extreme conditions that its products can sometimes be subjected to, therefore a throrough inspection of the item needs to be undertaken by Moroka.30 staff to approve the validity of any warranty claim.Proof of purchase is required and your tax invoice will act as proof of purchase

If you have a warranty request we are at your service to arrange as prompt as possible the repair of your precious goods. Contact us within Australia for warranty service.If the goods are deemed to be faulty by manufacture then warranty will apply.

If the goods are deemed to be damaged through incorrect or excessive use and force then warranty will not apply and repair can be arranged at the the owners cost. After 14 days of purchase the return cost of postage will be paid for by the owner of the goods. After an assesment of the goods and if warranty applies, the goods will be repaired or replaced and return postage will be paid by Moroka.30. If a warranty claim is not valid, Moroka.30 will charge any applicable and associated expenses for time and costs with regard to that invalid warranty claim.

Please be aware if any repair work is undertaken by yourself or by an unauthorised repairer it will void any manufacturers warranty.

No warranty claims are transferable beyond the original purchaser of the goods. This also applies to bulk lots.

The warranty applies to the time of original product sale and is not extended for replacements.